Sports Medicine Laboratory

The Dale Mildenberger SportsMedicine Complex and the Dr. John Worley Sports Medicine Research Center comprise an excellent research and rehabilitation center with over 11,000 square feet including 24 treatment tables, a 2,000 square foot physical therapy and rehabilitation center, two aquatic treadmill Hydroworx therapy pools (Hydroworx 2000 and 500) for non-weight or partial weight-bearing rehabilitation, and one Hydroworx cold plunge pool.
This facility is a shared use research center for all PhD faculty in the Pathokinesiology program- Dr's. Eadric Bressel, Sydney Schaefer, Breanna Studenka and Dennis Dolny.
Research equipment includes:
  • Parvomedics True One Metabolic Cart system;
  • BIOPAC MP 150 Data Acquisition System with electromyography electrodes;
  • AMTI waterproofed force plate;
  • NeuroCom Smart Equitest Balance System (Computerized Dynamic Posturography);
  • NeuroCom Long Board Balance Master;
  • Physitemp data acquisition system with tissue fine wire thermocouple electrodes

Research projects currently underway:
  • Impact of dual task on indices of postural sway on land and in water;
  • Impact of dual task on indices of motor cortex activity via fNIRS;

Recently Completed Projects
  • Development of novel exercise training protocols for persons diagnosed with osteoarthritis;
  • Role of water depth and water jet perturbation on postural sway and balance in young and older subjects;
  • Role of Aquatic vs Land Treadmill Running on Foot Strike Index;
  • Comparison of land inclined vs water jet resistance running on cardiorespiratory and metabolic costs;
  • Influence of muscle mass volume and skinfold thickness on muscle temperature during cold water immersion;
  • Reproducibility of sway velocity indices while performing the modified BESS;