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What is Pathokinesiology?

The Pathokinesiology specialization focuses on the scientific study of human movement (kinesiology) as it relates to any abnormal condition (patho) affecting movement and postural dysfunctions. The ultimate goal of research in Pathokinesiology is to help improve the quality of life of individuals who have movement and postural dysfunctions. 

Disability Disciplines Doctoral Studies

The Doctoral Program at Utah State

The PhD in Disability Disciplines is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students to be productive in research and to pursue a career in academia.

Components of Pathokinesiology

The Pathokinesiology Program is composed of three labs the Biomechanics, Sensory Motor Behavior Laboratory, Sports Medicine Lab, and Motor and Rehabilitation Learning Lab.  

Biomechanics Link
Motor Rehabilitaion link
Sports Medicine link
Sensory Motor Behavior link